About me...

Hi! My name is Amba and I'm a 30 year old wife, mother (to 3 beautifully cheeky little ones) , MBA graduate and musician. 

Ever since I was little, my urge to perform was insatiable. When I was gifted my very first viola I would always want to perform for my family. With eyes closed, I would imagine I was on stage. I believed I was amazing, and to this day I know I threw the best lounge room performances of classical renditions ever! My parents however...remember them sounding a little differently.

With the support of my family, teachers and friends I continued to pursue my passion for strings and as luck may have it, I was able to live my dream. As a professional musician I had the privilege of performing on international stages, in front of crowds of people. Some of my favourite memories include performing in Dubbo alongside Kelly Anne Kennerly when she taught me how to pose properly for photos. Another, when I swear I got a wink from Rod Stewart on the stage at Hope Estate in the Hunter Valley. I have been lucky enough that music has taken me to many other countries such as Indonesia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. In addition to my performances abroad I also performed music for weddings. Memories of the wonderful couples and their beautiful ceremonies are ones I will cherish forever. 

Throughout my performance career I also taught a select number of incredible students. This was the beginning of my passion for teaching.

Soon enough it was my turn to tie the knot. I wed my high school sweetheart against the backdrop of the gorgeous Thailand sunset, and the next year I fell pregnant with my daughter. It wasn't long after that when I had her 2 little brothers one after the other. It's safe to say that my performance career was put on hold for a little while, whilst I managed the chaos at home that was my family.

Today, my children are my world. They remind me every day of the simple things, the stress free life I'm sure wasn't that long ago? Although the days are long, the weeks are short (parent's, I know you know what I'm saying). Watching them learn to love things like animals and music only takes me back to my humble beginnings. 

I want to be able to support and connect with other people with that same insatiable desire to perform. Whether it's you or your child I want to share my love for violin and viola with you so that you can have the opportunity to create a lifetime of memories, or simply get you ready for those special lounge room performances I know your friends and family are super keen for!